Plate Carrier Set Up – Complete Guide

The plate carrier is effectively your number one companion during combat. This is the very reason why proper plate carrier set up is as equally important as getting yourself prepared. The last thing you would want to happen is to end up suffering from a gunshot while you are busy getting the extra mags placed in the wrong part of the vest. Your plate carrier will only serve its purpose if you


Choosing the right sized plate carrier will guarantee that it will ride comfortably and offer the ultimate armor protection in all the right places. In general, the main sizing method for a plate carrier is the size of the armor plate(s) you plan to fit.


It is a must to keep in mind that a plate carrier is the combination of an armor system and load carriage. Just as its name suggests, a plate carrier is meant to be used and worn with armor plates inside the main compartments. If these are not present, the carrier will never fit properly as it will sag as soon as you begin attaching pouches and other items. 



With all the different designs available right now, you would want to identify your plate carrier’s use-case. The Slick Plate Carrier is perfect for those who work in low profile conditions or people who are searching for an affordable and simple option. This kind of carriers usually have lesser attachments so they are meant for use with modular clip-on panels and chest rigs …Read more

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Military tactical Bulletproof vests are widely used by soldiers, law enforcement and security personnels. A tactical vest is a heavy duty vest which can be worn over regular clothing. It provides both protection to the vital organs of the body besides giving a way to carry gear when on assignment. The vest is equipped with many pockets that can hold several kinds of needful equipments like guns, ammunition, walkie-talkie, mobile phones etc. It helps to carry all sorts of things that the wearer needs to carry while on some assignments.


Important facts Need To Be Focused Before Buying A Bullet Proof Vest.

Defend the threat by wearing a suitable bulletproof vest and should always keep in mind considerable and important factors before buying an appropriate bulletproof vest which will serve the purpose of your safety.

Since a different type of ammunition need a different type of protection in order to safeguard the soldier/ military personnel so protection level required is the first and foremost point to consider about the bulletproof vest. Also, keep in mind that the best one buy is according to the recognized ballistic standards of the National Institute of Justice ( NIJ).

Second, is the comfort factor that needs to consider. This is also one of the most important considerations that you’ll have to evaluate. The body vest you chooses must dissipate heat and can be worn on very high heat and humid temperature.  This factor led to an improvement in today concealable body armor which will provide enhanced protection for civilian and police use. Also, in addition, It is light and comfortable and given new improvements in composite materials.

Body Armour should cover three vital areas of your body i.e. front, back, and sides covering all vital organs. Manufacturers can assist you with a proper fitting which would not hamper your constant movement. Always,  make sure it doesn’t ride up into your throat or interfere with your duty belt when you sit or bend.

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